Mobile massage therapy for the Gold Coast and Brisbane

Relax, unwind, and escape from all the stresses of the world with one of our massages. VR Mobile Beauty Therapy brings the experience to you, in the comfort of your own home.

Our in-home massage services are performed by qualified massage therapists. We tailor your massage to your needs, to ensure you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Just let us know where the tension is, and we will address it at a comfortable pressure for you, hands, legs, neck, back, arms – it’s completely up to you!

The best thing about in-home massage is that you to continue to relax after your massage has been completed – there is no need to get up and rush off. Take it easy, curl up in bed and enjoy the soothing feeling.

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Enjoy the soft, calming music, breathe deeply, and feel the stress float away.

It’s always the right time to pamper yourself! A massage is a natural way to help your body release toxins, relieve tension, aches, and pains and relax.

We have great massage packages for locals and holiday makers. Stay where you are, because we’ll bring everything to you. We operate on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane.

Corporate Massage

Couples Massage

Our Massages

  • Hot stone and deep relaxation
  • Deep relaxation
  • Swedish Massage
  • Indian Head Massage

Our Massage

Hot Stone Massage and Deep Relaxation massage – 90 minutes – $125.00

Hot stone massage is a natural therapy in which warmed stones are positioned on parts of the client’s body of to maximize the therapeutic benefit.

As the stones are heated and moved so quickly over the body, you should feel only warmth.

The slow release of heat with the combined speed takes your mind away and lets you relax.

Once the stones lose the initial heat and your body accepts the temperature, they are left on the muscles to continue melting away stress and breaking down knots.

Hot stone massages are truly a relaxation experience like no other following with deep relaxation massage releasing the aches and pains.

Deep Relaxation Massage –$85.00

Our deep relaxation massage involves touching every part of the body and feeling the body tension. Our hands can feel your tension. When we feel the tension, our hands will work a little deeper to stimulate the blood flow to muscles, relieving tension and massaging the tension out. This helps problem areas of your body. Caring hands release tension places you don’t even know were sore. Whilst working and feeling the body’s tension, we use soft massage to aid in relaxation.

We recommend with this type of massage, that you book a follow up massage for one week later to really feel the difference. Massage strokes lead back to the heart to promote circulation, improve sleep patterns, reduce stress, boost your immunity, flush the body of toxins, and improve mobility.

After your massage, we recommend having an Epsom salts bath and relax.

Get the best of mobile massage without having to travel.

Swedish Massage – Mobile massage therapy $70.00

The Swedish massage is a full body and gentle massage for relaxation. This is the perfect massage if this is your first professional treatment.

Using a light, medium or firm pressure a trained therapist gives you a Swedish massage to help relax and unwind your busy mind. A Swedish massage can be extremely beneficial for your health.

Indian Head Massage – Indian Head Massage with feet, hand and arm massage $85

The Indian head massage is a combination of a traditional Indian head massage and a modern-day spa treatment. Using beautiful warm coconut oil with warm towel therapy, it is so relaxing and great for your skin and your hair, you can leave it in for a few hours, or a whole day and give your hair a nice moisturizing treatment.

If you really want to spoil yourself, this is the perfect treatment for you. Also massaging your face, neck, shoulders, arms, and hands it will send you into another world, blissful and happy.

For a more indulgence pamper with your massage, add a combination of beauty therapy pamper with our Spa Packages.

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