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The perfect girl’s night in

With a little help from VR Mobile Beauty Therapy you can throw the most fun pamper party for you and your ladies.

What do you need for the perfect girl’s night in?

  • First and foremost, no girl’s night in is complete with all of your closest gal pals. Invite all your friends around, girls only.
  • Your girl’s night is tailored to you, but nothing beats a bit of pink champagne and strawberries to start. With the bubbles flowing and some great cheesy pop playing in the background it might be time to get on with a bit of pampering.
  • With the help of VR Mobile Beauty Therapy, you can throw the most indulgent girl’s night in. Whether you are taking time away from the kids, or you’re just wanting some time with the lovely ladies in your life, a pamper party is the perfect way to relax. Get your nails done, have a massage and catch up on every detail of each other’s lives.
  • Watch a chick flick! Whether you watch the latest Channing Tatum movie, Dirty Dancing, or the Notebook, a good chick flick is part of the perfect girl’s night in. Don’t forget popcorn!
  • Order pizza. Us ladies are always watching our weight, but a cheat day is part of a balanced lifestyle, so why not indulge in a slice or two.
  • Truth or dare. Sound a bit childish? Then it’s perfect. A game of truth or dare is the perfect way to get to know your friends better or have a laugh as they try out a dare.
  • Feeling a little energetic? Why not try a dance mat challenge? Become a dancing diva in your very own living room.

Get the girls together

The perfect girl’s night in starts with the girls. So, round up your friends and give VR Mobile Beauty Therapy a call and add a little indulgence to your Brisbane or Gold Coast catch up, after all, you’re worth