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We Are Back!

We are Back!

To all our wonderful customers, we have an exciting announcement to make.

Due to the recent lifting of restrictions we are able to operate again!

This is such an exciting moment after the trying times we have endured recently, but we need not get ahead of ourselves as there are still strict guidelines, we need to adhere to in order to operate.
We will detail the processes that will take place when booking and attending appointments from now going forward below.

We are obliged to ask the following questions upon booking or enquiry:
1) Are you or any person in the same residence as you currently under self-isolation status?
2) Are you or any person in your residence suffering from any flu-like symptoms (coughing, fever, shortness of breath)?
3) Have you recently travelled to any country with a high concentration of COVID-19 cases in the last 14 days?

Disinfection Process
1) Please have your hands washed upon our arrival and we will do so accordingly
2) We bring our own portable table and bed which will be used and cleaned thoroughly after use
3) We will wear personal protective equipment such as masks as per government regulation
4) Proper cleaning and disinfection are required at all times and as such we ask that you please make your bathroom available to us for the cleaning and disinfecting of our tools and towels etc before leaving the appointment.

Hands Off!
Mobile Beauty Therapy would like to remind everyone to please practice healthy and sanitary habits in order to continue the fight against the Coronavirus. We would like to remind everyone that during the cold and flu seasons shaking of hands and/or hugging should be avoided.

Following social distancing protocols will not only help in keeping you safe and healthy but also those around you.

Make a habit of NOT touching your face, especially when out in public, to reduce the risk of infection.
This being said, Mobile Beauty Therapy is obliged to ensure the following:
1) If you are feeling unwell before or after the appointment, please inform us immediately
2) We are obliged by government regulations to keep track of all the addresses we visit.

We look forward to keeping you safe and pampered!