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Your staff work hard, why not reward them with a massage?

According to Forbes magazine, 66% of employees would leave their place of work if they didn’t feel appreciated. People like to be valued in the workplace, and appreciation does matter. This doesn’t mean the annual pay rise, it means showing your staff that you care.

A staff appreciation day is the perfect way to say thank you to your staff, and with our professional and experience massage therapists on hand to take all their stresses away, this is one reward that is priceless.

Why get a corporate massage?

Appreciating your staff is important, and a massage says that you understand the stress they’ve undertaken; it gives your workforce the chance to relax, unwind, refresh and rejuvenate, which in our opinion is a win: win. A refreshed workforce is a happy workforce, and a happy workforce is a productive one.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of getting your team a corporate massage:

  • A massage assists in reducing stress, vital if you’ve been working against a tight deadline, the perfect office stress reliever. With stress comes anxiety and depression, and a massage is a great way to bust those blues, with nearly a quarter of people saying that they felt a lot less anxious after a
  • Tension headaches are a common side-effect of working in an office, whether it’s too much screen time or too much stress, why not alleviate the tension headaches with a mobile massage service.
  • The effects of Stress can impact the body and mind greatly, you might not even notice but when you’re stressed you might hunch your shoulders and change your posture completely. Hunching can lead to muscle tension which can be extremely painful. Feel your aches and pains float away with a corporate massage.
  • Massage has been known to improve quality of sleep; a rested person is a more motivated person.
  • Tests have shown that a massage can assist in lowering blood pressure.
  • You might have heard of people suffering carpal tunnel for example, a massage can help alleviate some repetitive strain injuries.
  • Staff sick days might be a thing of the past with corporate massages being a regular treat. Did you know that massages can increase your immune system and help you fight all those coughs and colds?


A corporate massage day to say thank you to your staff has far-reaching effects, and you too will benefit from them. Value your staff, and they will be loyal.

Why not treat them to a corporate massage package on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane today?